Major Applications for PLA and KH series PLA and KH

  • Measurement Instrument
  • Food Conveyer
  • LED Signs
  • SMD Chip Mounter
  • Industrial Printer (Postpress)
  • Control Panel
  • Industrial Equipments
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Blood Analyzer
  • Alternative Energy Power System
  • Alignment Tool
  • Semicon / End Process

Technical Data Technical Data

PJA Series Technical data download
PLA Series Technical data download
KH  Series Technical data download
KL  Series Technical data download
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PLA series Optional Functions and Modified Standard PLA

Optional Functions
Customize Your Power Supply with Off The Shelf Features!

There are man many optional functions available and you only choose what you need.

Seq Option Description Product Series
PLA15 PLA30 PLA50 PLA100 PLA150 PLA300 PLA600
1 C Conformal coating
2 D Output voltage preset
3 F2 Output voltage preset
4 F4 Low-speed fan
5 G Low leakage current
6 J Connector interface
7 L Low power
8 N1 DIN rail mounting
9 P Constant current
10 R Remote control
11 T Vertical terminal block
12 T2 Normal horizontal terminal block for
13 U Low input voltage stop
14 V External potentiometer
15 W Parallel operation by LV alarm and remote

Note: If you need more than three optional functions at the same time, we mustassign a special part number. Please contact our sales representatives in your area for more details.

Modified Standard

If a standard PLA part doesn’t meet your exact requirements, we are willing to modify the specifications to meet your specific needs. Please provide us with your requirements including any required safety certifications and we will do our best to determine if we can modify the PLA to meet your needs. Below are some examples of recent modifications to the PLA series:

Base Model Application Modified Specs
PLA50F-24 Mobile X-Ray Machine 60-120Vdc input / 30W output
PLA150F-24 Wind Power 100-125Vdc input / 100W output
PLA150F-24 Wind Power 80-375Vdc input
Book and Document Scanner 16V-24V variable output voltage
LED Signs 3.3V output / Conformal coating
CNC Machine Remote ON/OFF control voltage from 12V to 24V
PLA600F-24 Blood Analyzer Blow-in fan for longer life
PLA600F-24 LED Signs 3.3V output / Conformal coating
PLA600F-48 SMD Mounter Low noise type fan
PLA600F-5 LED Signs Low noise type fan
PLA300F-5 Battery Charger 56V output / Constant current

Technical Notes

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