Wuxi Cosel Electronics Co., Ltd. Wuxi

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Wuxi Cosel Electronics Co., Ltd. (WCE)is a manufacturing subsidiary established by Cosel Co., Ltd. of Japan. This is the first time of its overseas production to expand the global market shares, since it has been committed to "MADE IN JAPAN" for production for the establishment of this company. The subsidiary is mainly engaged in the production of standard type AC-DC switching power supplies, and to further reduce the cost of production, we are being engaged in the mass production and sales of new products. In addition, products of Wuxi Cosel are also ordered and exported to other countries and areas by Shanghai Cosel International Trading Co., Ltd.(SCIT)in charge of imports, exports, and sales operation, and then provided to our customers through sales companies set up in various countries, including Cosel(Shanghai)Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Cosel Standard

Name of company Wuxi Cosel Electronics Co., Ltd.
Established Dec 26, 2011
Authorized Capital US$ 22 Million
Share Holder Cosel Co., Ltd.(100%)
Legal Representative Morio Saito
Address No.82-9, Dicui Road, Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu 214072, P.R.China
Phone +86-510-8117-7862
FAX +86-510-8117-7861

Fig. China Production Business Structure

Product manufacturing

Adopting the Toyota Production System, so Cosel(Wuxi)in the same way. It installs small parts on the fully automated surface mount system. As for the following procedure, the small production line combining the manual operation and automation is adopted for manufacturing. The company with the features of small batches and short delivery period manufactures in line with the principle of quality first.

Shanghai Cosel International Trading Co.,Ltd. Shanghai

Company Profile

Shanghai Cosel International Trading Co., Ltd.(SCIT)was established in November 2011, around the same time as Wuxi Cosel Electronics Co., Ltd.(WCE), to provide overall trading support for the products manufactured by WCE, from logistics, exportation, marketing to sales support. SCIT is located nearby Shanghai Railway Station in Zhabei District and currently employs 5 people.

Name of company Shanghai Cosel International Trading Co., Ltd.
Established Nov 8, 2011
Authorized Capital US$ 200,000
Share Holder Cosel Co., Ltd.( 70% - Japan )
KIMIG Limited( 30% - Hong Kong )
Legal Representative Yoshio Anda
Address Unit 704, Tower 1, Kerry Everbright City, 218 Tian Mu Road West, Jingan District, Shanghai 200070, China
Phone +86-21-5240-0980
FAX +86-21-5240-0900